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Consortium Lemay – Sid Lee

Creative thinking. Collective value.
Founded in 1957 as an architectural practice, Lemay is one of Canada’s leading integrated design services firms, merging architecture, urban design, interiors, landscape, engineering, sustainability and branding into a multidisciplinary and synergistic ensemble. Leveraging its unique blend of creativity, capacity and expertise, Lemay champions its clients' aspirations, enhances users' quality of life and strives to build a brighter future for our communities. 

Founded in 2009 following the integration of architecture firm Nomade (founded in 1999), Sid Lee Architecture is the fruit of architects and urban designers Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc’s talents and skills combined with creative agency Sid Lee. Today, Sid Lee Architecture’s projects stand out for their strong and unique identities, marked by history, culture, and community.

Private Residences Design

Philip Hazan

The Residences and common areas were designed by Philip Hazan. The Montreal based architect and designer has earned a global reputation for creating sophisticated, warm interiors that define elegant, modern living. His contemporary designs and style are sought after by the world’s most discerning residential clients and expressed in some of the world’s most iconic residential penthouses, apartments, urban homes and country estates.

Hotel & Amenities Spaces Design

Gilles & Boissier

Amenity spaces including the pool, spa, fitness centre, as well as the connecting Four Seasons Hotel, were designed by Paris based Gilles & Boissier. Noted for their world leading luxury lifestyle design including Baccarat Hotels, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental to name a few, Gilles & Boissier have added their global Parisian sensibility to the magic and modern opulence of the Private Residences.

Restaurant, Bar & Lounge Design

Atelier Zebulon Perron

Founded in 2008, Atelier Zebulon Perron offers interior design services principally in the commercial sector. The privileged and distinct approach for Zebulon and his team resides in understanding interior design as a tool for a fulfilling client experience, where visitors can quickly feel comfortable and at ease within minutes of entering a new space. Atelier Zebulon Perron sees in each project an opportunity to design a unique interior which connects to its users. Creator of numerous projects ranging in their sizes, the Atelier invests in listening to their clients' needs to ultimately bring together aesthetics, design and commercial success.